Red Planet Farming - Domes

It is amazing to see how far RPF has come even in just these last few weeks, especially with all the art that’s been coming in.

I think I’ve mentioned before that Noah and I working with Dr. Jacob Cohen of Nasa to make this game as scientifically accurate as possible. We’ve have a few phone calls with him and we’ve been talking a lot about how the plots should look, in terms of how they should be covered. Growing plants on Mars in an empty field is not feasible, so we’ve been working on getting like “building” structures on each plot to portray the idea that these are already somewhat-controlled spaces that the plants are being grown in.

In addition, I really like how the art is turning out for the various field upgrades, especially for the domes:

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 20.56.49.png

You can also see from this image the structures that we’ve put around each of the plots to show that they are indoors (player have sort of a birds-eye view of the buildings without their roofs).

I can’t wait to start getting in the crop sprite art next week!

Nina Demirjian