Red Planet Farming - Glossary

People asked for a large list of all the crops and their stats, and they shall receive. The “catalog” that I discussed in my last post is turning into more of an Almanac. We now have added a Glossary section, where players can finally view all the different things they can buy simultaneously to compare stats with ease.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 17.00.43.png

It doesn’t look great but everything has to start somewhere. I’m really looking forward to getting the catalog all polished and getting to a point where we can show it off. We are also considering putting in another section into the almanac, which is sort of like a “job posting” board, which would be the narrative explanation for giving the player quests. But, quests are the task for next week.

We have so many new ideas that I’m sure I will write about in the next few days as they become more and more fleshed out.

Nina Demirjian