Red Planet Farming - NYU Playtest Thursdays

The NYU Game Center runs an event every Thursday called Playtest Thursdays, where people can bring their games to have people play and get feedback.

My favorite part was watching people get really immersed in the experience. We also received a lot of interesting feedback about the game and we have a long way to come.

In addition, I’m struggling with what to do about the Catalog. I played through with the catalog and I felt like I was overwhelmed and not in a good position to decide what to plant (even though I’ve played the game more than anyone!) I think it might be because the catalog takes up the whole screen and maybe isn’t organized? Below I have an image to show what I’m talking about:

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 01.00.25.png

I really just need some people to play it the way it is now. I had people at Playtest Thursday play an old version of the game because the catalog version wasn’t ready yet.

Nina Demirjian