Red Planet Farming - Marsquakes

I am starting to work on implementing in new weather hazards into the game so that we can start playtesting the new regions. The new regions all have different weather patterns, and Valles Marineris is prone to landslides and marsquakes. Another explanation for the formation of Valles Marineris is tectonic plate activity, and with recent data from Martian rovers sensing marsquakes, we thought that it would be nice to include them. Just added it to the game. Now I just need to hook it up to the system that determines whether plants take damage from certain hazards or not.

In addition, I finally got through (I think) all of the setup necessary for saving the player’s data for when they want to switch between regions. This will also make it easier in the future when I want the player’s data to be saved when they quit out of the game as well.

Nina Demirjian