Dark Future Photo Series

I created this series as my final project for a photography class that I took while living in Shanghai, China. The series imagines a future so polluted, that masks are required indoors at all times. I recruited some of my friends at the time to pose in locations around the apartment building I was living in, and then photoshopped the photos to make them appear a bit more dreary and dystopian.

The series contains 8 pieces, all shot on a Canon T3i Rebel.


Call Me Up Series

This is a series that I shot in Chinatown, Manhattan in November 2017. The series contains 3 pieces, shot on a Canon Rebel T3i.


Hong Kong High-Rise Series

This is a series of photos that I shot while I was visiting Hong Kong in Spring of 2017. While living in China, I was inspired by photographer Michael Wolf's photo series, Architecture of Density. The series is meant to show the intense density of Hong Kong and other cities in China through images of high-rise apartment buildings. I liked the aesthetic of his series, as well as the colorful apartment buildings that I saw while in HK, so I decided to take a few photos that captured this vibe. In Photoshop, I saturated the photos to make the colors stand out, and I cropped the photos to show only the windows and balconies of the buildings. The series has 7 pieces and was shot on a Canon Rebel T3i.


Worst Party Ever Series

This series is a set of photos that I took for a photography class that I took while living in Shanghai. The prompt was "Set-Up Photos", and we were required to set up a scene that we wanted to take a photo of. Both photos were taken on a Canon Rebel T3i.

The first photo in the series is called Worst Party Ever. I wanted to create a scene that depicted a dismal, dry-looking party, so I ordered some black balloons on Taobao and removed all other decorations that I had up in my room. After taking the photos, I went in to Photoshop and lowered the saturation to create an almost black-and-white, dull color scheme. 

The second photo in the series is called Moonbathing. I asked each model to bring their bath towel, as well as to match the color of their clothing to their towel. I then had them lay out on the grass on their towels and I stood on a friend's shoulders to take the photo from above. 



This piece is supposed to be a depiction of how one's thoughts often wander at night while they are trying to sleep, no matter how tired they may be. I shot each clip in Pudong, Shanghai, and edited them together. I then put the entire piece in negative to make it a bit more dreamy and surreal.