Sardine World

A narrative-mystery game about working at a sardine-canning company


Sardine World is a game that I created for a Game Development class at NYU, but have continued to work on it since. The game is currently still in development. 

The game takes place in the late 90s. The player plays as a new intern at Sardine World, where they are asked to do a number of menial tasks for their new boss, a sketchy man named Leon. The entire gameplay is simulated through a Windows 95-inspired computer interface, where the player can look through files and emails and send messages to other coworkers in order to dig up some dirt on Leon and the company.

I was inspired by other horror games like Hello Neighbor while creating this game. The player can search through secret files on the computer as much as they want, but Leon will come around in game every now and again to check on them, and if the player has secret files open, Leon will catch them and they will have to return to a checkpoint earlier in the game. I really wanted to push the feeling of snooping through a computer with this game.

Art & Aesthetic

When designing this game, aesthetic was very important to me, and I believe it to be important for the feel of the game as well. The game is heavily influenced by the looks of old operating systems like Windows 95. 

I created all of the art (icons, windows, logos, etc.) in Piskel, with the exception of the employee profile photos, which are just images of friends that I edited in Photoshop.


Sardine World is currently being developed in C# in Unity2D. To create the pixel art, I am using the online tool called Piskel. I have also been using Inkscape and Photoshop for image editing.

I am the lead designer, programmer and artist for this project. Stop by soon to see more progress!

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 22.19.43.png