Worst Party Ever Series

This series is a set of photos that I took for a photography class that I took while living in Shanghai. The prompt was "Set-Up Photos", and we were required to set up a scene that we wanted to take a photo of. Both photos were taken on a Canon Rebel T3i.

The first photo in the series is called Worst Party Ever. I wanted to create a scene that depicted a dismal, dry-looking party, so I ordered some black balloons on Taobao and removed all other decorations that I had up in my room. After taking the photos, I went in to Photoshop and lowered the saturation to create an almost black-and-white, dull color scheme. 

The second photo in the series is called Moonbathing. I asked each model to bring their bath towel, as well as to match the color of their clothing to their towel. I then had them lay out on the grass on their towels and I stood on a friend's shoulders to take the photo from above.