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you up? is a text adventure game about online dating. The game is currently in development and is planned to be released as an app for iOS. The development team consists of myself, Elliot Winch, and Carlos-Michael Rodriguez. you up? was originally the project for the 2018 Global Game Jam, which Elliot, Carlos-Michael and I participated in at the NYU Game Jam Site. The theme for the game jam was "Transmission". 


The player plays as a woman in her early 20s, navigating the online dating scene. The game takes place within a fictional app, Wink, which is similar to apps like Tinder or Bumble that are on the market today. The player swipes through a number of in-game profiles, and then begins messaging and interacting with multiple suitors. The story is told through the messages the player has with these suitors. 


The core mechanic of you up? is making choices. The player responds to the messages that the suitors in the game send by choosing between different text options. This ultimately leads to a branching narrative with multiple paths and choices for the player to make. 




you up? is still in development. My team and I are working on translating the game from the Game Jam prototype into a full-length narrative game. I am Lead Designer, Elliot is Lead Developer and Carlos-Michael is Lead Writer. The three of us are developing the game in Swift.

Stop by again soon to see more progress!