A 3D social listening space made in Unity for Eternal

Club Eternal is a social product where users can attend virtual events, listen to music, and chat with each other. The experience was built in Unity and had its first public launch on December 21st, 2022.

Users redeem tickets to Club Eternal through the Eternal+, a ticketing app made in Swift that also has ticket releases for IRL events. Users can then enter Club Eternal through the app whenever a virtual event is taking place. I worked closely with our iOS team to integrate the Club Eternal Unity build within the iOS Swift app.

I joined the company in July 2020 as a contract Unity developer and started fulltime in February 2022. We started working on this iteration of Club Eternal in January 2022 and I saw it through to its first launch in December. My primary areas of focus on the project so far have been UI, camera, movement, social interactions like chat + friending, and login/authentication flows.


As we continue to build the product, I plan to add photos and gifs to the following archives so I have documentation of the app's growth.

Images and gifs from our first few launches (and from a few large-scale playtests we ran leading up to launch)